A little honesty!

I have much to be joyful about!  My name is Jennifer and I have been married to Jeff for 17 years.  We have four boys.  Caleb is 14, Joshua is 12, Eli is 10 and little Zeke is 5.  I am not a great writer, nor do I think I will be an amazing blogger, I simply felt led to share some of our story…our joys!

Some days are more difficult to find the simple joys in life than others.  A few days ago I was struggling to find anything to be joyful about.  I was a grouch to my husband and to my children and by lunchtime no one wanted to be around me.  I sat down at my desk to work on our calendar and my eye caught the title on a notebook sitting next to our calendar.  It says, “Simple Joys”.  I decided I would use the notebook to write about things that have brought me joy and this is what I wrote on the first day.

1. Joshua and Eli told me they loved me first.

2. Jeff wants to take me out to dinner.

3. Zeke fell asleep on my shoulder.

4. Caleb is still respectful, even at age 14!

Most days I have absolutely no reason to be grumpy, it just happens.  I noticed that by the end of writing #4, I was smiling.  This blog doesn’t have a specific purpose, just hoping it might help others cherish the simple joys in their own life.

Our boys!